Sunday, March 20, 2011

And Yet I'm Still Inspired!?

Several years ago I asked God for a do over.  You know what that is don't you?  A promise that if you do the right things for the right reasons God will give you the strength to make your life right.  Well at least in my mind that's what a do over is.  So I tried it.  It took me a long time not to worry about the people I would hurt, or might hurt, let alone those gossip mongers who would make statements that would be less than kind to me for being so selfish that I could disrupt what they believed to be the truth.  It was difficult and to some extent still is but it does get easier when you just believe it.  So I decided that in this new truth that I would be inspired. Inspired by those who seem to have it all together. The list for me is long. They aren't just the famous folks that we all see everyday on the news, or magazine covers. They are the normal people that I come into contact on a day to day basis.  The cashier at the grocery that always has a smile or kind word.  The person who holds the door for you when you are going into the post office. There are so many! My Grandmother Mary was a huge inspiration for me.  She always had a smile on her face. Only later in my life did I learn of the hardships and diversity that she had in her life. The one common denominator was that these folks had passion, they were inspired.  I know they have obstacles that cause them stress but the passion wins out in the end.  So I decided I wanted to be like them.  I would choose to be happy. To do the right thing, always. To be inspired!  Perhaps it is more about living your authentic self. Your truth. No matter what your "station" in life is if you do the very best you can everyday and be inspired by those who are trying their best than you can aspire to be inspired!  I am not perfect by any means but I do the best I can (mostly).
There is a beautiful song by Skye Dyer called You Inspire Me. If you get the chance YouTube it and be inspired! 


  1. Doing the best you can is the best you can do! I totally agree with you.... a person can choose to be weighed down by their circumstances or look for the good, and find things to be happy about. No one ever promised "happy" would be easy, sometimes you have to work at it!

  2. God promised joy, not happiness. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. Wow! I've got additional words to ponder from this post. Sometimes, expectations brought pressure to me and from this post, I've learned that, there is no impossible with Him. Choosing Him will lead us to a happy life.
    I wanna share some thoughts from . God bless to you! :)