Monday, March 28, 2011

What Would Poe Have Said Differently?

The integrity of the written word stands for nothing these days and I am just a little pissed about it!  I was just sitting and contemplating all the articles on TV and News programs talking about people being fired, or being denied employment etc about their social media pages. I know that there are many mean spirited and down right evil people out there many of them a heck of a lot smarter than me when it comes to computers but I think that most of us are just quite little folks with families and friend and we just want a place to vent, laugh, cry, celebrate all the simple minded victories that life has to offer to us. Years ago it was that one had to watch what they said because the busy body phone operators who had nothing better to do would listen in and then gossip about every ones business.  Then came the party line on your telephone and others could hear you and start gossip yet again.  Can you imagine if all the great artists, authors and the like worried about being politically correct. Just where would we be in  regards to these awesome works of literature and art if they felt they would be ostracised for their creative experiences? These folks did not worry about stifling their writings, they just let it rip!  They wrote and painted and socialized with many and were welcomed by more for their truthful representation of people with their stories.  They did not worry that they would be sued, or disliked by their peers or their employers or those who had the money to quiet them. So mind your ABC'S when you are writing but always write from your heart, your creative perspective. When your heart speaks, you should listen. If you write from a pure and creative place whether for fun or profit think to yourself, "What would Poe have said differently?"

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  1. I hate that I've had to censor myself on my blog, but it is what it is. :(