Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Not Just A House, It's A Home!

My husband and I purchased a house that was built in 1963. It is in an older neighborhood and had only one owner. The original owners of the home were both school teachers, they raised two children and over the course of those forty or so years had various family members living along with them in the house. Their daughter lived here in the house along with her daughter (their grand-daughter). According to the neighbors this child was a "holy terror" and often threw fits and had terrible destructive behavior.  Her room was painted black and the carpet on the floor was dark red.  We have also learned that this child has been in and out of foster care since she was nine years old. When we found the house it was interesting,  kinda qwerky but had potential.  My husband drove into the yard and said he felt he was "home."  He called the broker from the front yard and made a good faith payment without asking me about it!  The first time he brought me to see the house, I too felt like I had been there forever, it was home. The house had/has some work that needs to be done, but little by little we are getting it done.  Ironically, I have been in this house before. While working as a Paramedic I responded to a call in the night and in the rain.  When I saw the house again, it all came back to me including the weird little picture that is nailed to the front door just above the lock.  It is the olive tree of life and it remains on our door still today! There are things that make a house a home, gives it character. These are the things we will never change. The child that was here carved into the bathroom door. "Hate me because I need you", how tragic is that?  One afternoon we were sitting on the front patio while the children were playing and a car drove up. We knew immediately the young women who got out of the car was the same child that used to live here( she is now 17). She was shy and introduced herself to us and said she used to live here.We told her about our adopted children and she was so happy that there was love and laughter in her house again.  We talked quite a bit about her life when she lived here mostly with her Grandmother.  She said she loved this house and always felt like it was her home.  My husband nodded to me and I asked her if she would like to come inside. She was so excited and graciously thanked us for allowing her to visit.  I brought her into the living room and the house just shone like gold and glistened as if to say; "welcome home Emily" it was awesome!  I showed her the changes but also showed her the things we will never change, like the door picture, the key holder, her Grandfathers mirror and yes even the scratching on the bathroom door.  We told her that this was her home and would always be. It has been passed onto our family to honor and cherish it forever.  She cried.  It was a good day.  So many times a house is just a house, but it is always the people who make it a home!


  1. That is so sweet that she came back and you welcomed her like that...so nice.

  2. Pat, my friend, you are such a beautiful soul. I love you.

  3. That is incredibly awesome! I needed to hear this today.