Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Tuesday And The Sun Is Shining, Not!

I know, I know, I always said I would like to have a cheerful blog but damn it's been a bad day! When I worked on the ambulance we would always go to this one nursing home and the calendar that they put out for the residents was never changed so it always said, "Today is Tuesday, the sun is shining."  It made me laugh and smile every time I would see it.  I always remarked, "At least it is always pleasant weather!"  I liked that credo and always tried to follow it no matter what the circumstances.  Today was to be no exception until.....we took the family to Chic Fil La.(?spelling) It was family night. That meant lots of kids running around an already noisy restaurant, jumping up and down, in and out of their seats most with pieces of whatever they were eating dangling half chewed out of their mouths as they screamed in delight that they were going to the play yard! Oh God, I was in Hell!  I had a meeting tonight. part of my direct sales business.  I would just be a few minutes so we decided the children had been good enough we would make a date out of it and take them to dinner and a quick romp in the play yard. The minute I walked in I felt my cortisol levels rising.  Then without warning, my daughter launched into a full on wango tango. Why? She had seen the cow mascot and is terrified of the darn thing.  I was already holding her but she tried to climb higher up on my body and before no time she was on my shoulder with her body wrapped around my head!  No way out. My husband took her outside and was able to calm her down. But the damage was already done. We should have gone home but no we would conquer this and all would be well.  Not!  Once on the play yard she ran around all cute like with everyone in awe of this tiny little pixie until she started to slap kids and one boy she tried to bite, twice!  Then it was all her fault. Parents pulled their kids out of the play yard scoffing about somebodys mean little girl.  Trying to get under the table I politely apologized and prayed that the kids would tire and want to leave.  Oh no they would have stayed all night.  But then I was saved...by the return of the cow.  Thank God for the cow. We pulled the kids off the play yard. I think we got all their shoes, not sure and headed for the van before anyone else could comment.  Phew, safe.  Note to self. Never take a wango tango to family night. It is a recipe for disaster. It is now two hours later and finally the children have all been put to bed. Some because it was time and others because they were still so wound up they needed to be protected from themselves.  None the less, it is now quiet. I still do not feel calm. I am very frustrated. I want to sleep on the couch just to be by myself so I can contemplate on my credo, Today is Tuesday the sun is shining!  I pray tomorrow will be a better day.  Thanks for listening. Be blessed and well.


  1. Ah, you describe it so well! I don't think I have ever been able to convey, in words, the chaos of trying to take my kids to a restaurant. My dd has wrapped herself around my head too! Unbelievable isn't it?
    I hope your evening settled down. Or, at least the kids went to bed after awhile.

  2. My daughter is 10 and climbed me like that the first time she met my sister's new (crazy) dog. Ouch.

  3. Oh girl! I'm so sorry. :( Direct sales? Which one? Message me.