Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happiness Comes At A Cost

Man, Over this past week I have been so far inside my head I cannot see my way clear of anything! I have really been over thinking to many things and now I must stop. So today I make the conscious effort to just move back away from it all and just be present. We have been working on the outside of the house and it really looks great.  It is taking on a new life, our life and although I loved it before. I love it even more now.  The garden is growing.  Except those darn raccoons seem to like tromping through our garden leaving the neighbors alone, go figure. We have really nothing planted that they like to eat, so I am not sure why they have chosen us when my neighbors is lush with ready carrots, tomatoes, squash and beans. damn she has beans!   Our beans are terrible.  They cannot seem to get a foothold for some reason. The orchids are beginning to bloom and will do so all summer long.  We have some white moth orchids the size of sand dollars and they are so beautiful at night as their big white flowers dance off the moonlight.   So life is good in this house, our house.  I sit here at 5:00 am. I have been up since around 3:00am just waiting for the sunrise to breathe new fresh life into my brain. I am enjoying the quiet and just letting things kinda rattle around inside my head. It is my hope that a few things will just jump out and run on down the street, I'll not chase them I tell you! Today I will finish a few projects, put some things in the van to donate to the Sharing Center. I will be a big girl and make a few needed phone calls and I will play!  Thanks to all to ramble through hope you have a blessed day.  I will be up and running again soon.

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