Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Quiet Quilt"

Since my last post I have been contemplating what I should post next. I have thought many thoughts about my trip to Orlando and because I live here I didn't feel I would be affected by re-entry. Boy was I wrong! I spend most of my days now thinking about the women I have met, their stories and how they relate to mine. I think of their joy and the opposite their heartaches. The one thing I noticed was none of them seemed "hardened" by their experiences, and this to me represented resilience. I wrote this poem about 5 years ago and somehow today it seems relevant.  I hope you take some emotion from it.  Thanks (please excuse my grammar call it poetic license)
Quiet Quilt
She sits quietly with her voice, trapped silently behind still walls.
Alone and afraid of the coming of the next day. 
Her secret desires buried like old quilts at the bottom of a seldom used trunk.
A treasure just waiting to be discovered, as if for the first time seen by anothers eyes.
Once found, this beauty is renewed, no longer silent but displayed and adorned with a new voice and a most prescious vision.
Behold silence, nor afraid, a new day.
No longer trapped.
No longer silent.
Ever still, but with comfort and with peace

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